'Twas The Night Before The NFL Draft

‘‘Twas the night before draft night

In all nfl towns 

Every team filled with hope

Yes, even the browns 

All the mock drafts been read

From front to back 

With hopes that your GM

Will draft with his sack 

Then my wandering mind starts to fear

What if our draft pick has an awful career? 

A guy who can’t catch or run worth a lick

I worried deep down this might be our pick

I thought in my head what if thats as good as it gets?’

But then I remembered, I don’t root for the jets 

It’s not time to fear, or have a sense of doom

Just think about Bill Belichick having to draft using Zoom 

All tucked in and ready to go,

I pray best wishes for Joe Burrow.

He’ll be drafted for sure number one overall 

But if Cincy picked me I’d ignore their call. 

Who will my team draft? I haven’t a clue

I’m just excited to see Goodell so I can scream BOO! 

As much as Dave would say Roger sucks Cock, I can’t wait to hear him say “The Bengals are on the clock” 

And Even though theres a chance your teams pick could flounder, there’s no better sound than the NFL Draft sounder

So here’s to the draft and hearing your picks name, hoping that one day they’ll make the hall of fame. 

But if they don’t and their career is a drag, that means your team is probably the Jags. 

It’s the one night a year where every move feels right, happy Draft night to all, and to all a goodnight”