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Matt Leinart Offers His Thoughts On Gus Duggerton To USC

Coach Gus Duggerton shook up the college football world on Saturday night after turning down multiple offers and finally landing on becoming the next offensive coordinator at USC

Is it a lateral move? 

Big Cat and Duggs doesn't believe so, but we wanted to go straight to the source of the blue blood program and talk with 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart to get his thoughts on how Duggs and the Duggernauts fit into what the Trojans are trying to do. 

"I do have some reservations," Leinart said of the Duggs hire. "This is a guy who likes to jump ship. He doesn't stay at a place too long. That makes me a little nervous, but I am excited about the thoughts of him being a coordinator and scoring all these points. I think that's what he does best, and I know once he gets out here he's going to love being at USC."

We know the size and stature of Coach Duggs. It's one of his calling cards to fame. But is there any concern for the folks in Southern Cal that his weight and the regular availability of fast food powerhouse "In-N-Out Burger" may become a problem longterm?

"That is the concern, I think," Leinart said honestly. "The dude likes to eat."

Hollywood Duggs makes his debut at USC tonight at 9:30.