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I Conducted A Virtual Pro-Day For NFL GMs Under The Guidance Of Morten Andersen, Here Are The Results

WIth the Outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many players have been force to conduct virtual pro-days and kickers are no different. I enlisted the help of my guru Morten Andersen courtesy of his Morten Andersen Boot Camp services,along with help from Statcast and stepped into the office on Monday to conduct my workout. The results speak for themselves but suffice it to say I think getting cut by the XFL might just be the start of my Michael Jordan story. 

Sometimes people need a boost- imagine if picasso had encouraged a certain Austrian painter to not give up on his passion after he failed out of art school, imagine if Terry Rozier had been able to tell Osama to his face that he should hoop because hes tall as hell. These are probably bad analogys to use because I'm not going to snap and murder people if I dont make it, but if your writing a persuasive paper and dont make a allusion to genocide most good teachers would fail you on the spot. I mean in tampa its not Aguayo's law its Godwin's law for a reason. We all need someone to believe in us from time to time, and all it takes is for one couragous NFL GM to bring me in for camp. I cant be worse than Roberto.

10/10 from inside 40. 1/1 from 45 yds.