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Former Host Of "Guts" Mike O'Malley Joined Barstool TGIF To Talk About The Classic Nickelodeon Gameshow And Even Offered To Do Play-By-Play For A Barstool Guts Episode

Being children of the 90s, Reags and I decided to start up a quick little Friday night stream for all the fellow Olds out there looking to inject some nostalgia directly into their brains once they put their kids to bed. As fate would have it, legendary gameshow host and longtime Stoolie Mike O'Malley (who was wearing one of his many pieces of Barstool merch) said he'd love to jump on to talk about all things Guts. Crazy moments on set, his friendship with Mo...MO!, the best competitors (shout out Bryan Beer), and of course the Aggro Crag. 

Not only did Mike take us on a glorious trip down memory lane with Guts highlights along with stories of being The Rick, but he also offered to take the Crag out of moth balls and host an episode of Barstool Guts.

I neeeeeeed to win a chunk of the Crag, even if it means I had to face off against my two kids, who would get knocked off of it by a giant boulder, to do it.

So check out our interview above with Mike, who was an awesome time, and make sure to tune into TGIF Barstool every Friday night at 9 pm for some throwback magic (it will appear on my Twitter, Reags' Twitter, and my YouTube channel for now). This week we are going to relive MTV Rock N Jock in all its glory with KFC and Tyler (If Bill Bellamy or Dan Cortese want to join as well, I won't stop them)