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Uh, Who The Fuck Stores Their Bread In Their Microwave?!

Good morning and happy Saturday, folks! 

In case you missed our IG live on @vivalastool yesterday, here are the highlights (if you can call it that). Major news: Marty accidentally revealed one of the weirdest things I have ever seen seen. He STORES multiple packages of bread in his microwave at all times. 

This came about because we have decided to implement a shot clock for "A Morning Pick Me Up" so that we have to get to all the random topics in 15 minutes. He tried to set a timer, accidentally turned it on and nearly set his house on fire... because there was a bunch of bread in there. He acted like this was the most normal thing of all time. 

Call me crazy, but this is an incredibly weird move. 

WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THINGS IN YOUR MICROWAVE? Every time you go to use it, you have to take shit out? No thank you. And the best part was that he acted like I was crazy for thinking it should go anywhere else. Cabinets? Shelves? Pantry? Above the fridge?! I mean what are we doing here??

I did a similar poll on my own IG story and the results were around 75% thinking he is an absolute psychopath. Which he is. 

Other topics that we discussed:

- Where the fuck is Jacksonville in comparison to South America? (This broke my brain)
- Can Bumble Bees fly above Mount Everest
- Something about trucks and deer and animals, but I wasn't listening. 

See you all on Monday. 

We're all stuck inside. You have your drunk thoughts. Your high thoughts. Your "get me the fuck out of here thoughts." So DM him on IG @martymush or Twitter @marty_mush and the best ones will make "A Morning Pick Me Up" every Monday and Friday live on IG @vivalastool at 11:30 ET.