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Marty ROYALLY Fucked Up Our Morning Coffee Date

And folks, it took a grand total of two (2) shows for the Barstool difference to make a debut on "A Morning (aka 11:30) Pick Me Up."

In case you missed it, Marty and I are inviting you on a bi-weekly coffee date on the Viva La Stool IG page. Today it was my turn to play along from my own personal IG account, so Marty was in charge of saving it so Blattman could edit the highlight reel. And as you can see in the video, things did NOT go well. After 20-ish minutes, the footage just "disappeared". 

So what happened during the stream that was deleted? 
- An argument over ice. Marty hates ice because, and I quote, "it only cools down the top of the drink." This sent me into a mind pretzel that I may never recover from.
- What are your top 3 breakfast drinks? (PS - who the fuck still drinks Apple Juice?)
- Dana won't move out of the Mush household.
- Some old guy is complaining about watching girls walk dogs (????)
... and more. 

You get it. It was a complete shit show that turned into an even bigger shit show when Marty forgot to save the entire thing.  We'll just try again next week. 

See you all for coffee on Monday at 11:30 ET. I'l try not to hold my mug like an asshole this time. If you cant watch it live for whatever reason, you can go back to the Viva story and rewatch it for 24 hours. Plus, we'll continue to blog the highlights. 

Hopefully that schmo can save the content this time.