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Bobby's Belching Impediment

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'The Good Side of Bad News' Podcast Is Out Today: 

Woman sentenced to three years in prison after trying to hide drugs in her shit (1:54) 

Teacher pays two students $500.00 to have sex with her. (8:42)

A guy has sex with a BMW. That’s your fault. You just got it washed (12:35)

“He’s got my dick! He’s got my dick! Spray him!” (18:34)

A male hospital nurse is caught sucking the toes of a 68-year-old woman (23:08)

"No more rim jobs allowed," according to city officials (28:12)

A driver is pulled over with no license, a stun gun in his car, he’s having sex with his GF, and he’s drunk? (31:25)

Parents force daughter to live in the woods after she ate a pop-tart without their permission (34:31)

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