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Mailtime: The Philadelphia Experiment, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation and Much Much More

Todays episode of Mailtime is the perfect embodiment of what I wanted this podcast to be. Something completely different where we get to talk about theories and concepts...get to dive deeper into discussions that we know nothing about the pique your interest and fuck up your brain. Todays episode has all that stuff.

And out of all the weird, unexplainable, sci fi stuff I love, The Philadelphia Experiment is one of my favorites. Out of all the Ancient Aliens, Unsolved Mysteries, Conspiracy Theory stuff I've watched over the years, the Philadelphia Experiment stuck with me the most. Its teleportation with a dash of time travel and a pinch of Bermuda Triangle. From the X Files to multiple books and TV docs, the USS Eldridge disappearing and reappearing with crew members embedded into the hull and all of them mentally whacked is one of my favorite stories ever. 

And I think its partially because deep down, most of us feel like teleportation is maybe something thats kind of plausible? Today on Mailtime we talk about Telepathy, Telekinesis and Teleportation. The Three T's of far fetched, pie in the sky, sci fi-meets-magic possibilities. I actually think with the right technology, "Telepathy" is definitely attainable. And I think that with the right computers and machines and shit, the idea of transporting things from one place to another seems like something science might actually achieve on day? Maybe thats just what I want to be the case. Maybe its completely ridiculous and physicists would laugh in your face. I'm not saying that I think one day we can snap our fingers and have gigantic Navy ships pop from one place another. And I definitely dont think they were fuckin with this shit in 1943. But I think taking molecules and rearranging them elsewhere feels like something the nerds might one day figure out. And maybe they'll end up becoming half fly, half Jeff Goldblum as they try to get there, but I think they'll do it.

We talk about about telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, kinesthesia, the Matrix, and psychics. We talked about the USSR legitimately trying to harness Black Magic...the United States trying to kill goats by staring at them...the real life videos that the DHARMA initiative from LOST used as inspiration...and much much more. I suggest you get stoned and listen to this episode.