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Brooklyn Dickhead Apologizes For Harassing The NYPD

Well, theres two ways you can look at this. On the one hand, he pretty much entirely cops to being an asshole. Part of me expected an asshole like this to dig his heels in and double down...but remembering how quickly he deleted the video and after learning how deep down in his wittle wittle heart he wants to be a policeman so so makes sense that he just apologized. At the end of the day Mr. Uncensored is a fraud who fancies himself as a tough talkin activist but as soon as the heat was turned up even a LITTLE bit, he ran and hid. So I guess it shouldnt come as a shock that Mr. Uncensored is softer than cream cheese in the oven. Hes a little cry baby and usually after babies break the rules and get yelled at, they start crying and want a hug when they say sowwwwy.


On the other hand, this dickhead still manages to come off as a complete fucking asshole with multiple disclaimers about how he should have phrased his questions, and how the police should have answered. How their conversation should have and could have gone had he approached them if he had any right or any valid reason, AT ALL, to be questioning them in the first place. "If I had just spoken to the officers like 'Hey, why do you guys use your phones? Like why do you guys use your phones but then give other people tickets for being on their phones?'"

First of all, is that a thing thats happening? People get a ticket for just being on their phones? Not texting and driving, just tickets for using phones? I dont think thats a thing. Secondly, and most importantly, those police officers dont owe you an explanation for a motherfucking THING. Like in his brain he has every right to walk up to these people on the job, and pepper them with questions and its their duty to make sure that he, the dickhead hipster civilian, has a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the law enforcement profession. Like it fucking matters that this asshole has a firm grasp on the differences between police officers' work phones and their personal phones. Who would have thought! The police officers who were at the scene of an accident were using their phones to report the incident. If the police officers had just explained themselves to some random, dumb ass, spoiled, entitled dickhead, then all of this could have been avoided! Hey officers, how come you didnt think to explain your thought process behind parking your car to this arbitrary person who has decided their curiosity matters even one fucking iota?

Gee, I dunno, Jonathan. Maybe you should have shut your fucking mouth as soon as the person walking by explained to you there had just been an accident and the police parked where they could before the scene was cleared up? Or, I dunno, perhaps you could have just not given a single flying FUCK about where a car was parked for 30 seconds? Maybe thats a solution too? Maybe its not about how you asked the question…maybe its that its fucking insane that you feel like you deserve some sort of explanation for where another human parked a car. Maybe…just maybe…it turns out that you're a delusional privileged asshole who feels like you're special and worthy of these police officers' times, when in reality they dont need to explain a single fucking thing to you, let alone explain a completely innocuous situation. Just absolutely fucking hilarious to think that even while hes admitting to being an asshole, hes still sitting there thinking about his line of questioning and how they delivered their answers, as if they were in a court of law and the police were under oath answering questions about their procedure at a murder scene or something. We are talking about SOME RANDOM DICKHEAD WALKING HIS DOG BOTHERING THE COPS ABOUT WHERE THEY PARKED THEIR CAR!!!!! Its so goddam insane I cant even talk about it with a straight face.


So, congratulations, Mr. Uncensored. Not only were you able to take a step back and realize you were an asshole and admit to it on camera… but you also deserve props for successfully embodying all the cliche millennial stereotypes better than anybody that has come before you. Its always important to remember that some stereotypes exist for a reason, and Jonathan here parading around like the spoiled privileged asshole that he is, demanding answers from people who dont owe him shit regarding a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with him, and then thinking it was interesting enough to share with the world - well thats the perfect embodiment of the selfish dickhead millennial lifestyle. Hell, even the apology video is too. Nobody cares about you, or your questions, or the lessons you've learned. You and your videos are good for nothing other than giving us something to point and laugh at.

Now head back home to mommy's house during the quarantine where she can rub Vaseline all over your heiny and tell you that it’s special and different from everyone else’s.