The Cousins Battling This "Futuristic Bullshit Technology" (Zoom) Went Exactly How You'd Expect

We're back!  Kind of!  You know you've been missing the geriatric boys as much as nobody!  Here's a rundown of what to expect on this electrifying broadcast!  

- Cousin Mike vs. Technology

- Cousin Zah playing with his hair

- Cousin Linda at the grocery store

- Cousin Murray being Cousin Murray

- Cousin Balls looking VOLUPTUOUS 

- Cousin Mike ordering Cousin Zah to stop playing with his hair 

and my personal favorite...

- Cousin Mike talking about Bank Of America Checks, the TL;DR version found here: 

And there you have it.  Miss these guys.  Might need to start going daily with calling Cousin Mike like we did last week with great success:

Any questions?  Ask within.  We're live all day.  

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