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I Tracked Down The Results For My Corona Virus Test


Not since that STD panel I got taken when I ran wild in the summer of 2010 have I been so relieved about a test result. Honestly I went back and forth a million times on this. I thought me and my kids had it very early on, before the lockdown even started. Then I thought we didnt. Then they got better and I thought we were definitely in the clear, then mine lingered and I thought I had it again. Then all my symptoms started to match up completely, and I started to actually get kinda nervous. At its worst, whatever I had was a real motherfucker. I couldnt take a breath without coughing. But the last couple days I turned a corner and started to improve, so whether it was Corona Virus or not, I knew I was beating it. I was just concerned about seeing my kids and being around my parents so I still needed to wait for the green light with a negative.

But my personal results aside, the takeaway here is the information. I was told that it would be 3-5 days for my results. In all likelihood it was 3-5 business days, and with places being closed and labs being overrun and backed up, who knows how long it was gonna take. I got a DM from some dude in Colorado who got tested who said it took him 7 days. Then, luckily, I saw a tweet from one of my followers with a screenshot of a website telling me where I could go to find my results online. It was just a random reply that happened to catch my eye over the weekend, otherwise I probably never would have known. Signing up was easy but when I went for my test results it said they "could not verify my identity." So I had to call them up, but of course it was the weekend so I had to wait till Monday. It was just like every step of the way there was some hurdle to deal with. Nothing major, but enough that if it was normal circumstances I would have just been like "eh, fuck it." The point being that right now everyone is overwhelmed. Everyone is swamped. You're not special so you're not gonna get extra special care. So you gotta handle your own shit. Be proactive. Be vigilant about it. Be polite, comply with the people helping you, but make sure you take responsibility and handle your business for you and your family. And then just hope for the best. I was hoping all along that this was just so I could rule OUT Corona virus and help out with my kids and be around my parents again, and luckily it was just that. But for a lot of people its not turning up that way. So just be careful and be proactive with your health so that you know exactly what you can and cant do right now. Because as crazy and dramatic as it sounds, peoples lives depend on it. 

If you got your testing done at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, here is the website where you can sign up for your results.