Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 60 - Quarantine Edition

-On last week’s Thoughts, I mentioned how I really wanted the loud construction and drilling outside my apartment each morning to stop. It has stopped. I just wish it didn’t take a city shutdown over a global pandemic to do so. 

-When talking about microwaving something, I like to say “Yeah I’m just gonna nuke this sucker real quick.” It’s unbelievably cool.

-I now find myself doing a sickness check when I wake up every morning. Am I coughing a lot? Do I have a fever? Does my throat hurt? Am I congested? Am I achy? I’m basically giving myself a yearly physical every morning. 

-I was at Starbucks last week before the whole world shut down, and I made a major blunder. I’ve said before that I think it’s a power move to pretend to not know the sizes at Starbucks and just say “small, medium, large.” I ordered a large pike. I heard the cashier yell back “one grande pike please.” Knowing full well that a grande is actually a medium, I had to speak up and say “I had a large, venti actually.” And just like that, years of work went down the drain and I was exposed as a fraud who actually knows the sizes. Maybe they’ll forget about it by the time I finally go back. 

-There are certainly bigger issues right now. BUT the fact that I just wasted months upon months of hitting the gym and eating healthy to get ripped, just so I could lose all that progress while quarantined, is really quite disappointing. 

-Speaking of, I haven’t started my home workouts yet because I don’t know when to do them. I’d like to shower afterwards due to the sweat. But I don’t want to workout when I wake up and then shower because I won’t have the energy. If I do it before I eat dinner, then I’ll contract all the germs on the floor before eating. If I do it after dinner, I’ll have too full of a stomach. I also like to shower after I get dinner anyway because the delivery guy is the only contact I have with the outside world. It’s just a lot to consider. Maybe I’ll just get fat. 

-We are at a point where weekends no longer mean anything. Life is just a 24/7 cycle of sitting inside and starting at the walls. Doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Saturday. Kind of depressing. 

-With nothing else on, Jeopardy has officially become must-watch TV every night. It’s always best to watch Jeopardy with at least one other person. Getting the answers right is fun, but you need someone to witness it. Like all things in life, it’s really just about impressing other people. 

On a serious note, everyone be safe out there. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Watch Survivor. We’ll get through this.

Thank you for your time.


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