Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 54 - The Usual Order

-It’s nice to have a usual order at a place so that it’s quick and convenient. But the problem is that I then feel guilty when I want to switch it up for a day. I almost feel pressured that I can’t change it because they feel so happy getting my usual order ready ahead of time. But sometimes I don’t want special treatment and would just like for them to wait until I actually place my order in case I decide to change it. What should be a convenience actually becomes an inconvenience. 

-My favorite movie genre is slightly above average comedies ranging from 6.2-6.8 on IMDB. They are the perfect films. Give me a Kevin Hart movie with Ice Cube or The Rock. Or maybe Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg where their personalities clash. Or literally anything with Jason Bateman. I know I’m gonna have myself a stellar 90 minutes. 

-Any time a dog has a very normal, human name, it’s guaranteed to make me laugh. Imagine a golden retriever walking around named Eugene. Or a poodle named Janet. Hilarious. 

-Whenever I’m involved with a coin toss, I always choose heads. People love saying “Tails never fails” but this is just statistically inaccurate. It fails roughly half of the time. I get irrationally annoyed when people think tails is somehow a better option when they are both very equal. Unfortunately, this line of thinking cost me $30 on the Super Bowl coin toss. 

-Here’s some general life advice: in any situation, always choose an option that’s not the best to assure that you don’t get stuck with the worst. For example, freshman year of college, there was a bunk bed and then a bed on its own. When discussing who would get what, I quickly volunteered for the bottom bunk. I really did not want the top bunk. I didn’t really care about having the solo bed. So volunteering for the bottom bunk may have seemed like I was making some sort of sacrifice, but in reality I was just looking out for myself. Another scenario - if you’re going on a road trip with a full car, most will fight over shotgun, while you should focus on just taking a back corner seat to assure you don’t get stuck riding bitch in the middle. Little things like this go a long way in life. 

-I recently went to a Broadway play and found it really enlightening. One thing I learned is that to be truly cultured, you must pronounce it as the “the-A-tre.” Otherwise you are uncultured swine. 

-One sign I’m becoming an adult is that I absolutely love running errands. I have to go get a hamper from Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend and I’ve been looking forward to it all week.

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From @peteyypop on Instagram

-It bothers me that when I fly on airplanes, they charge extra if my bag is overweight. I don't agree with that process. It should be overall weight of person + bag because what if I weigh 160 pounds and the person next to me weighs 200 pounds? He is taking up an extra 40 pounds of the aircraft. But if I have an extra 5 pounds in my bag, then I have to pay. It's not fair. 

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