Jim Florentine Lost Out On $9300

Jim Florentine didn't watch the halftime show, he doesn't need to see a 50-year-old ass. If he wanted to see that, he could go to some dirty strip club in New Jersey that has a bunch of 50-year-olds working there.

HOWEVA, he did watch the big game and put $1000.00 (on a box, I assume) - and in the second half, Damien Williams scored with 2:44 left on the clock to bring the score to 24-20 in favor of the Chiefs. The 49ers got the ball on the ensuing kickoff, and after failing to convert on 4th down, the Chiefs took over only needing one first down to win the game. The score remained 24-20 and things were looking good for Jim!

Jimmy Ward misses the tackle on 2nd & 6, and Damien Williams takes it to the house. Score: 31- 20 Chiefs, and $9300.00 GONE in the blink of an eye. In the words of Jim Florentine himself ..."that one hurt."

To top it all off, Jim is a Dolphins fan, and Damien Williams (actually, half the league is now filled with former Dolphins RB's finding success, but I digress) is a former Dolphin. That team just had to let him down one last time this year. 

Anyway, in another type of bad beat - the state of Iowa is getting absolutely roasted for their inability to calculate know what? I'm not going to even try and explain. Here's Jim:

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