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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 46 - The Perfect Snide Comment

-When you have to enter your birthday on a website, it’s a pet peeve of mine when the default birthday is set to the current day. It is extremely unlikely that a newborn baby would already be accessing the Internet. 

-If an Atheist says that they do something religiously, does that mean they don’t do it at all?

-I think I’ve perfected the art of the snide, under-my-breath comment. I do it loud enough where it’s above a whisper and can maybe be heard, but not loud enough to cause confrontation. For example, if I’m walking the streets and the person in front of me suddenly stops dead in their tracks, I’ll walk by and drop a “great spot to stop” and swiftly keep moving.

-My favorite candy is Twix. They are simply delicious. But I find their whole marketing campaign of “left Twix vs. right Twix” to be trite, overplayed, and just unnecessary. 

-I feel like people who wake up early have their own secret underworld. Like the people who are out and about at 5 or 6 AM have the whole world to themselves. It’s basically a secret society. I’d like to experience it but I also like sleeping so I probably won’t.

-The unofficial cutoff for being an old person is when you begin to refer to TV shows as “programs.” 

-I think I am one of the fastest Uber exit-ers in the world. I prepare my exit as I’m getting close to my destination and hustle out of the car. I don’t like wasting the driver’s time, and I feel like there’s an invisible countdown clock I’m rushing to beat. 

-Whenever the check comes at a restaurant, I like to grunt while picking it up and then say, “What’s the damage?” 

-Businesses often talk about being “in the black” vs. “being in the red.” Being in the black means they’re making a profit, and being in the red means they’re down. This always confuses me because black is such a neutral color. I would think it should be “being in the green” to signify making a profit. And black can be breaking even.

Guest Thought Of The Week

From Hubbs:

-The craziest group of people in the world is those who comment in the chat box on the illegal live streams of games.

Audience Thought Of The Week

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From @drewcahill_ on Instagram

-When you drink before a party/bar, why is it called a “pregame” and not a “warm-up?”

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