Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 44 - Coins In The Tip Jar

-When I get change back from somewhere and it’s just coins, I never know if I should put them in the tip jar or not. It is better than no tip at all, but I also wonder if it’s insulting to just dump a bunch of dimes in there instead of an actual dollar bill. What’s considered more rude?

-The battle to get your phone in that just-right, perfect position when your charger is on its last legs is one of life’s greatest struggles. 

-I don’t like when places try to make Thanksgiving food seasonal. I’m seeing places promote Thanksgiving sandwiches, stuffing-flavored ice cream, and other Thanksgiving-themed meals. I prefer to save my Thanksgiving meal for Thanksgiving day itself. It makes it that much more special.

-One of life’s greatest thrills is taking a good picture. If you get like 3 good pictures of yourself, you are basically set for life. More than that is just showing off. 

-On a third grade science test, there was a “true or false” question about Florida having four seasons. I said this was true and was marked incorrectly. I’ve never understood why. While the weather is consistent in Florida and they may not get a true “winter,” they still do have four seasons. That’s just how the sun and earth work. There are still equinoxes and solstices in Florida, and thus there are four seasons. July 8th is summer. January 26th is winter. I’ve held a grudge over this for 15 years. 

-You don’t know human restraint until you walk into a grocery store hungry. 

-When I was younger, I remember hearing the joke: “What’s black and white and read/red all over? A newspaper.” I did not understand the joke was that newspapers get “read” by people. I thought that to make newspaper, they were colored black and white and then dyed with the color red. In retrospect, this was pretty fucking stupid of me. 

-If you’re the type of person to say “gazuntite” after a sneeze, there is a 100% chance that I hate you. 

-Lip biting is a vicious cycle. I bit my lip the other day and now the welt just gets bigger and bigger, making it an easier target so I keep biting it even more, so it keeps getting bigger, and I keep biting it. And so on and so forth. It’s just not fair.

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-Isn’t it strange that the most muscular and skilled athletes in the world need water boys to hold the bottle and squirt water in their mouths during timeouts?

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