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Zero Blog Thirty Hopped In Some NASCARs and Took High-Speed Left Turns

The ZBT squad took an operational movement down to Charlotte for the NASCAR Salutes race. In this race, the NASCAR folks honor 600 service men and women for their sacrifice to the country. Us going down to cover that was as natural a fit as there is.

During the event, we got to take Torey Sonka, the Gold Star wife of a Marine I helped train at K9 school, around the Charlotte Speedway and give her the VIP treatment. Before all that started, we zipped around the track with the help of our guy Spider. He’s itsy bitsy.

Going 150+mph in one of the actual stock cars was thrilling. We got more coming on this trip because this was just the tip of the iceberg but until then, if you want to get your oil flowing (blood) watch the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at Pocono this Sunday at 2p ET on FS1. Vroom vroom and whathaveyou.

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