The #JIMMERVIEW: A Conversation With Shanghai Shark (UPDATE: Future Phoenix Suns??) Legend JIMMER FREDETTE

NOTE: Re-sharing this interview due to the news that Jimmer just signed a 2 year contract with the Phoenix Suns. And Greenie didn’t link to it in his original blog about it (he may have updated it by now)

I’m happy for the guy. It seemed like he was looking to get back to the US with or without an NBA contract as being away from his family for so much of the year was getting to him. Glad he’ll get one more chance to see what he can do in the big leagues. The Sharks could use a shake up too as our entire offense the last three years was just “keep passing to Jimmer until he shoots”. It made for some awesome games to watch in the Shark Tank but I think it wouldn’t hurt the team to develop a couple other offensive options.

I’m excited to see what Jimmer does. Obviously the level of play in the CBA is a far cry from the NBA but he’s gotten so much time on the court these past 3 years where he’s been double/triple teamed most of the time and has still put up crazy numbers so I think he could a solid weapon off the bench for the Suns. I recently got to eavesdrop on Kevin Garnett talking about how much he respects Jimmer and thinks he can succeed in today’s NBA (can listen to the convo here) and if KG believes it, so do I. #anythingispossible #thesharkKnightRises.

Hey everyone. This is a bit different than my usual brand of content seeing as:

A. I usually don’t do interviews (besides the time I interviewed some Olympic curlers, or the time I interviewed a caucasian K-Pop band, or the time I interviewed  a North Korean Defector)
B.  It’s actually a somewhat professional interview believe it or not (although we do talk about pooping in public at one point). I’d say it’s more informative than comical but if you’re interested in what life is like out in China for college basketball/shanghai shark/future NBA(?) legend Jimmer Fredette I think you’ll enjoy it.

By the way, basketball talk starts around minute 14. First half is more about his experiences living in China.