ATI Top 10: #5 Theo Von on Answer The Internet: Which Human Would You Send To Make First Contact With Aliens?

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I already explained I think Theo might be the funniest guy I've ever met. He dd over an hour of KFC Radio with us (download here) which backed my claim up. But this...this right here. 7 minutes of pure unadulterated hilarity from Theo Von as he answers the internet. His brain just works differently from us, man. Every answer was something unique. Something different. An extra layer of thought or an extra personal story. The guy just fucking GETS it. And also he really really loves Filipinos. He must have had like 3 or 4 references to Asians or Polynesians of some sort during his day at Barstool. He said he thinks he was reincarnated and was a Filipino in his previous life because he feels like he has a small Asian inside of him holding up his smile with his hands? Crazy town type shit.

I personally do NOT think a small Filipino is the correct ambassador for the Human race. I think that aliens would invade almost immediately if they thought "This is the best these guys could come up with?" But, to each their own. Check out the rest of the popular ATI's on our channel right now:

Theo's cohost on The King and The Sting, Brendan Schaub:

Tim Meadows talkin bout cocaine:

Andrea Savage, funniest female in the game right now. One of the funniest humans, male or female, period. Matter of fact, I'd consider her as the human race's representative


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