Ken Jeong had the Best Answer for the Mom and Girlfriend Switch Bodies Question

We interviewed Ken Jeong on the podcast…but Leslie Chow came out for Answer The Internet. The laugh, the attitude, all of it went right to that naked man jumping out of the trunk, dick in the wind.

It’s always a balancing act with ATI to decide which questions to ask. Usually the bigger the star the more careful we have to be while still getting them to answer some fucked Up stuff. I was gonna go easy on Ken but then he kept running his mouth and talking that shit so I made him talk about banging his own mom.

But I gotta hand it to that small son of a bitch, he answered the mom/gf Freaky Friday question with an answer I’ve never heard before. That’s why he’s one of the most successful dudes in Hollywood. Go check out his special on Netflix, You Complete Me, Ho, and check out these previous eps of ATI

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