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Smokebro Of The Week: Total Snack Crackin' Backs

For this edition of Smokebro Of The Week I switched it up & went searching on Twitter. Initially I was looking for a fitness trainer for the whole New Year resolutions thing, but when I heard back from Chiropractor Matt Zimmerman of Manhattan Body Mechanics it felt like a much better fit.

Probably because in 2018 I saw several people in the office flat on the floor in agony, & I was wondering how we could avoid that in 2019.

So thanks to Smokebro & longtime Stoolie, Matt, for being a great sport & excellent Smokebro, even though it turns out he’s got a lovely wife & kids & such which I suppose we’ll allow.


Great athlete (with a sense of humor)

Great family man (and a son with great taste in shirts, obv.)

Great taste in backpacks (specifically for a chiropractor)