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I Feel Like Love Is Officially Dead

Do boys know you can think things and *not* type Them out...? Apparently not. This week, Kate & Pat read your cringey DMs.

 Are you not getting matches?

Maybe your profile is to blame... Email or DM Chicks on IG for an unbiased third-party opinion & we'll do our best to let you know where you're going wrong. Also, if you see a profile that needs a good roast we wouldn't be mad about you sending that in too. The more the merrier.

You send them, you receive them, Kate & Pat want to read them. Have you come across a heinous dating app bio that's an immediate swipe left? Woke up to realize you sent some embarrassingly thirsty texts? Is your ex sending you Venmo requests because you blocked his ass on everything else? Send them our way and we'll read them (anonymously, duh) on Weekend 'Supdate.