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The Barstool College Football Show Presented By Panera Kicks Off One Week From Today

Alright big news.  We’ve partnered with Panera to bring you the best College football show in the history of college football shows.  In my opinion, this partnership with Panera is the biggest deal for Barstool to date. Old school Stoolies should remember Fat Dave would eat a full Panera Baguette every single day for lunch. But now we are on to their Mac and Cheese and we’ll be crushing so much Panera Mac and Cheese it’ll make your face melt off.  Every Saturday morning at 10am, it’ll be Myself, Big Cat, Kayce Smith and Tommy Smokes.  It’ll be way funnier and better than any other traditional, boring CFB show. And we’ll even try our best to have sound on every show this year.  We’ll be in studio for the majority of shows, but will head back to the tailgates for a handful live shows. Keep an eye out for when we announce which schools we are going to.  #SaturdaysAreForTheMac