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The Look On This Plumbers Face When Talking About This Girls Shits Is Unbelievable

That last three seconds or so from that clip makes me cry laughing every time. Just an unbelievable thousand yard stare from a man who has literally seen so much shit.

I truly wonder what the hell was going on with this woman's digestive system because for her to keep calling and having these wrap around bowl dumps just can't be right. Some type of internal intake just had to be off. I hope she's okay even though I'm happy she did since it give us this reaction from Steve.

The whole interview was one of my favorites that I've done in a while. We get into a bunch of random plumber topics like how often we should be washing our plungers, what to do if shit goes haywire, and more. Big thanks to Steve & Connor who were great guests and the utmost professionals.

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