KFC Radio: Jerry O'Connell, Taylor Swift's folklore, Magic Mushrooms, and Aliens Exist

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-In a surprise return of adolescent vs dadolescent, Feits' shares his experience with mushrooms 

-The Marlins thought they could rub some dirt on Corona 

-Top 5 Tuesday: Gifs -Feits discusses his favorite parts of Taylor Swift's new album "folklore" 

-Voicemails include: endurance or speed, pyramid schemes, hidden talents, and a great life hack 

(01:31:53) Jerry O'Connell returns to the show! We discuss his upcoming movie based on the book The Secret, getting to sip champagne with Mariah Carey, growing up as a fencer, and much more. Catch daily videos on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio

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