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#Mickstape: Halloween Candy And Top Cereals

We recorded before Joel Embiid pulled an all time finesse on the Philadelphia 76ers and signed a five year extension worth a cool $148 mil so apologies for not breaking down that finesse in audio podcast form, that will come – never you worry. We did, however, break down why black licorice, candy corn and peeps are in fact trash and not for human consumption while running through some of the top Halloween candies. We also gave our individual top five cereal lists ever of all time. With Season One of Mickstape winding down it would not have been morally just to go into our sophomore campaign without letting you know exactly what kind of people we are when it comes to what we pair with our milk, bowls and spoons. Oh yeah, we broke down SOME basketball in the middle of all of this, mostly Gary Harris’ contract and what it means for Marcus Smart’s upcoming negotiations; why the Kings potentially have too many players; and why Ben Simmons should run away with Rookie of the Year this season.

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