BAH GAWD! From The Top Rope w/ Jim Ross Is LIVE!

…and oh boy is it a slobberknocker! Carrabis and I recorded our longest show to date this morning, hitting almost two hours, and talking everything you could possibly imagine. Topics include:

-Lance Russell’s passing
-The Young Bucks receive a cease and desist from the WWE
-A legal cannabis company duped Shane O Mac out of $500,000
-Marty Jannetty releases statement saying he does NOT, in fact, want to fuck his daughter.
-Was it creepy for Marty Jannetty to tease that he wanted to fuck his daughter? I say yes. Carrabis says no.
-SummerSlam at Fenway?!
-Monday Night Raw (Shield reunion, Kalisto’s Cruiserweight debut, Seth Rollins’ lack of psychology)
-SmackDown Live (Jinder is bad, everything else is good)
-Best Hell in a Cell match EVER!

After all of that nonsense, Good Ol’ JR joins me and talks about what commentary adds to matches from a storytelling standpoint, how he prepared for the Mae Young Classic, and my favorite performance he ever had with a headset on.