Chaps Wears Panties – The Podfathers

Look, I could have went with a bunch of different headlines to promote today’s episode. I could have talked about the gutless bitch that stole strollers in Disney for some crazy stroller black market. I could have brought up the grandma that is charging her family $100 a week to watch her grandchild. Or I could have discussed how the audio quality in this episode was a goddamn nightmare and it won’t happen again but it probably will because that’s the Barstool Difference™.

But I know that the mere thought of everyone’s favorite Marine wearing panties is what puts asses in the seats, eyes on the blog, and ears on the podcast. Granted Chaps isn’t wearing frilly panties from Victoria’s Secret or anything. At least I don’t think he is. He just calls underwear “panties” because he is in a house full of girls and it’s less confusing if everyone calls them panties. I personally think that is crazy talk. Panties should be a sexy word. Keep that word out of reach of children and slap a Mr. Yuck sticker on it so they never say it. You can’t have your worlds collide like that. Bedroom talk and parenting talk need to have a VERY distinct separation.