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Meme Creators Deserve To Count As A Type Of New-Age Comedian

I tried to make some meme’s about a year ago. They sucked. I don’t know what it is about putting a sentence on top of a picture, but there is an art to pairing the emotion expressed in the picture with the appropriate, original caption.

With Barstool getting embroiled in the entire Fuck Jerry situation, I found myself lumping all the meme accounts in the same category as one another. But some of these accounts — like Tank Sinatra, who appears on a special Monday edition of Young and Happy — deserve accolades like any other sub-sect of comedians. Stand-up comedians, improv comedians, sketch comics, shit even weird genres like impressionists or ventriloquists all get respect as their own compartmentalized sub-divisions. New medium comedians like meme creators or funny podcasters (not us, other actually-funny podcasts) deserve their own bit of shine.

Check out Tank’s book, Happy is the New Rich, and give him a follow on the ‘Gram. He’s one of the best caption jockeys in the game.