Power Ranking The New Celebrity Dads - Jeter, Clooney and Jay Z

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3 Titans of the game bit the bullet the last couple weeks with pregnancy announcements. Jeets is on the fast track, already knocked up Hannah Davis. Clooney is COMPLETELY fucked with twins, and Hova is having 2 kids as well in addition to his fake Illuminati robot baby Blue Ivy. With one of the biggest athletes, movies stars, and singers all more or less joining fatherhood, me, Clem and Chaps decided to power rank these dudes as fathers.

Right off the bat Clooney is in last place. Give him the bronze. Clooney is gonna succcccck as a dad. Hes 55 years old, his wife is boring as shit, and no matter what he says, deep down theres a part of him thats gonna resent those kids. Deep down theres a part of George Clooney that is saying “What the fuck have I done??? I was almost there. I almost got away Scot free!” You gotta think that 99.9% of bachelors who can make it to almost 60 without getting wifed up and locked down, end up bachelors for life. Somehow of all people, Clooney falls in that 0.1%. Insanely backwards. Bottom line is hes gonna be a shitty dad like the rest of us.

Which leaves me with Jeets and Jigga for the top spot. Tune it to find out who my top dad was and hear the other guys rankings.