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KFC Saying Coach Taylor Is A Bad Husband Is The Dumbest Thing Ever Said On The Internet

Coach Taylor talk starts at around 21:30

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I’ve known Kevin for a long time now. Too long, some would say. Never have I wanted to punch him right in his stupid goddamn face more than I did while podcasting yesterday. Being completely serious there were two separate occasions where I truly considered lunging across the table and hitting him then blaming it on “content.” His disrespect for the relationship that Coach and Tami Taylor shared had me the maddest I’ve ever been because it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve seen First Take, I’ve read Trump tweets, and I’ve watched those old porns where they have a ridiculous amount of close ups of the guy’s face… nothing’s been more upsetting than Kevin’s opinion that Coach Taylor was a bad husband.

WHERE did this opinion come from? I’ve never heard it before in my entire life. Tami and Eric Taylor are famously equals. They’re the best representation of a healthy relationship that TV has ever portrayed. Tami was Coach’s rock and Coach was Tami’s. They constantly went to each other for support and advice whenever they needed it. Be it about how to handle a football situation, how to handle a family situation, or how to handle a situation at school they made those decisions together.

Kevin claims that she put her life on hold while he was a coach. Ummm, she went from guidance counselor to principal at record speed. That doesn’t happen without Coach. He could have squashed that whenever he wanted, either telling her no or by going behind her back and quietly telling the boosters to not let that happen, he never did it. Instead, he helped her career and made sure she was respected and happy.

Sure, they had their problems. Plenty of them. They were a married couple after all, but there’s far more footage of them cuddled up on the couch then there ever was of them fighting. Water always found its level and they knew they were the two constants that could never change. Coach gets a D1 offer and the chance he’s worked his whole life for? Guess what? He gives it up and moves back to Dillon because he knows that’s where Tami and the family wants to be and that’s where he’s needed. Coach is in the prime of his life? Guess what? Quits being the best coach in Texas to move to fucking Philly because that’s where Tami wants to be. No matter what happened, they were always there for one another. Tami was always the first on his mind, no matter what was going on. Just won state? Where’s Tami, I need to kiss her and share this moment with her.

The Dillon Panthers were a great team, but they were never the best team on Friday Night Lights. That was and forever will be Coach and Tami Taylor. Kevin can eat my fucking dick.