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Two Observations and A Question

From all the AFTP's I have published in the past, it should come as no surprise that I am a fan of ethnic beauties that have aged gracefully.

The disgustingly Italian Sofia Loren is a fine example...

Giphy Images.

As is the lovely Mexican maiden Raquel Welch… 

Giphy Images.

Both of whom were throwing fastballs well into their 40s and 50s (they are 87 and 81 respectively now).

So here are my 2 observations and a question.

Observation #1- Sofia Vergara was once 22-years-old…

Observation #2- Sofia Vergara is about to turn 50 in July…

Question-  Does this Columbian minx have what it takes to usurp Mexican Superhero Salma Hayek as the sexiest quinquagenarian that has ever lived?

Giphy Images.

I need to know.

Take a report.


Speaking of my favorite things… This week's edition of Twisted History covers a mixed bag of topics I enjoy talking about including Asian customs and outing Hollywood pedophiles (Don Johnson).

Co-host this week is none other than Uncle Chaps and we eat MREs for no reason at all.

Give it a listen.