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Hockey Fans Are Blessed To Have Connor McDavid

On Monday's Spittin' Chiclets, the boys broke down each of the four series: Tampa Bay/Florida, New York/Carolina, St. Louis/Colorado, and Edmonton/Calgary. The Battle of Alberta has been the hot topic not just because of the outrageous wager between Biz and Whit but because we are watching the best player in the universe playing at a ridiculoulsy high level as he wills his team to victory. And hockey fans are so goddamn lucky to be able to watch Connor McDavid ply his trade on the game's biggest stage.

The guys also discussed Lucic bumping into Smith but still getting a five-minute major for boarding. 

In the Blues/Avs, all of the talk centered on the Kadri/Binnington collision and the resulting fallout.

And we also reiterated that you do not bet against Tampa Bay.

You can get you new t-shirts right here...

The Chiclets boys also played the Chicago boys on The Dozen...

In addition to all of the series, we had some laughs shooting the shit as well. Give it a whirl.