James Harden And The Sixers Are A Responsible ATM Machine For All Those Who Know Where To Look

We talked about it with Rone (along with Storm Chasing, MLB, and Eagles rumors HELLO DK METCAF) on First Time, Long Time this week, but the facts are facts. James Harden with these Philadelphia 76ers have been a legitimate responsible ATM machine through the first two games on the Barstool Sportsbook - CLICK HERE TO PLAY -  

I'm no calculus nerd, but it looks like that's a cool +5.25 units through two games. As for tonight? It's time to, wait for it, TAP MAC yet again. 

The o/u's for JoJo, James, and Tyrese are currently 30.5, 23.5, and 16.5, respectively, along with the normal line vs. the Knicks being -10.5. Vegas, as does ball, don't lie. So you're getting it in pretty darn good to start here. And spare me being worried about Maxey getting that 15 points after he's gone back to his real position at SG and cashed 28 then 21 points in his two games with Harden. Not too shabby if you ask reality. 

And now we play the waiting game. CLICK HERE TO DANCE ON THE BOOSTED PARLAY. Tonight, Harden comes home. CUE IT!!!

PS - We're on the Barstool Sportsbook Discord chucking it up right now. Chime in and let's find the best of the best odds tonight.