These Rushing Stats From The Philadelphia Eagles Are Straight Out Of Bananaland

First Time, Long Time instant reaction after the 40-29 ball stomping above, bananaland stats below: 

The credit should go to Hurts with his athleticism, the RB's, Sirianni making life changing adjustments with his scheme/playcalling blah blah blah all that happy crap. As it should. But this offensive is actually something special this season. Beaten, battered, bruised since the beginning of the year, yet somehow playing like the best OL in the league week in and week out. Actually impressive. Just look at Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata EAT. 

6 games left and the Eagles should be favorited in all of them except the Cowboys game, and even then Dallas might have everything locked up enough to pull the sit. We're making the damn playoffs.