I Think We Figured Out Why Bryson DeChambeau Launches Golf Balls Into The Gallery Without Yelling, "Fore!"

I've got it. I've figured it out. For months now people have wondered why Bryson DeChambeau launches golf balls into the gallery without yelling FORE. It makes no sense. He will literally aim to a spot where there are a bunch of people standing, tee it up, let it fly and not say a peep as a tiny missile heads towards the crowd. Now, you can say he's doing it for an advantage and that's fine, but that still doesn't explain why he never yells FORE. But I think I figured out the reason: he hates those people. Theese are the same people who yell BROOKSIE at him non stop during these tournaments. So why would he care for their well being? The Brooksie stuff clearly bothers him but he can't fight every person who says it, so why not launch golf balls into the crowd instead? Plausible deniability and it makes him feel good. It's his form of rebellion against everyone. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying I think that's why he does it.

We also talking about Patrick Cantlay's win over Bryson, whether or not the two of them hate each other, what we think about the staggered scoring at East Lake and Brandon Wu joins the show. Enjoy!