Collin Morikawa Flew Back to the United States After Winning The Open Championship and Placed The Claret Jug in the Overhead Bin

On today's Pardon My Take... COLLIN MORIKAWA! The winner of last week's The Open Championship joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter for the second time in as many months to discuss what it was like to win the tournament in England, preparing for the Olympics, a fart machine in the gallery over the weekend, and much more. Morikawa also told a fun story near the beginning of the interview about how he used the Claret Jug as a carryon item for his flight back to the United States. The story of how this all unfolded is a very fun tale:

Mr. Cat: You had to carry your own trophy through security and everything at the airport? That seems wrong!

Collin Morikawa: Why? Why do you want someone else to carry your trophy?

Mr. Cat: I thought they send it to you, or you take a private jet. You just got on like a Southwest flight out of England with the Claret Jug.

Collin Morikawa: Let's clear this up, because everyone's like, "Whatever, commercial." I don't mind flying commercial, there's nothing wrong with it, okay? I flew commercial from London to Atlanta and then I took a private flight from Atlanta to Vegas. So, everyone needs to calm down about this "flying commercial." There's nothing wrong with it.

Mr. Cat: There is nothing wrong with it! But that means, that you put in the overhead, the Claret Jug?

Collin Morikawa: Yes, it fit perfectly. Perfectly on an international flight, locked up, no dings, no damages.

Mr. Commenter: But that also meant that you're only allowed to have one person item. So you had, what, like a backpack and then the Claret Jug?

Collin Morikawa: I had three. Somehow I just snuck my way on, I think they understood.

Mr. Commenter: The rules don't apply.

Mr. Cat: That is pretty awesome, though, that like if you're sitting on that flight, you're like, "Yeah. One of the most famous trophies in sports, one of the most famous, the most famous trophy in probably golf is just sitting in the stow away on seat 5D."

Collin Morikawa: Well, I thought about it, because I did ask someone and they said "If they ask you what it is, just tell them what it is, and they're going to let you." They didn't even question, they never even questioned it. 

Mr. Commenter: Did they have any concerns about letting you handle a trophy given your past history of breaking other major championship trophies?

Collin Morikawa: No, because there is no lid. There's no lid. The first thing I did ask was, "Is there a lid?" because I wasn't going to be 0-for-2 dropping a lid. But yeah, I mean, it's so much smaller than the Wanamaker [Trophy]. So, it's a lot more... you can bring it a lot of places.


I can only imagine what it was like for the other passengers on this plane. Imagine seeing Collin Morikawa strolling the aisle and searching the overhead bins for some space to secure one of the most prestigious trophies in golf? What a cool moment. The next stop for Morikawa: Tokyo - where he looks to add a gold medal to the list of his career achievements.