The Most Surprising Person To Stop By Borrelli's During The Islanders' Playoff Run? Joe LaCava

Full disclosure, we recorded this episode last Thursday. Barstool Sports is technically closed this week and people are off doing vacation stuff but we still wanted to give people an episode so we recorded early. Just before we hopped on to record the episode Bryson and his caddie Tim split up. We were concerned that Bryson was going to address the situation at the Rocket Mortgage Classic but guess what? He skipped all media session and said nothing hahahaha What a guy Bryson is. Anyway. We HEAVILY speculate about what happened between Bryson and Tim.

We also talk about Borrelli's, the Islanders playoff run and how the one and only Joey LaCava showed up to the restaurant during the run. Frankie also talks about how they essentially turned Borrelli's into a speakeasy and had player in the back room as the playoff run was happening. Awesome stuff. We talk about those things and then Riggs pitched us new segment ideas which I really enjoyed. Lotta good tuff on today's show. Enjoy!