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People Keep Going to Lake Lanier, Despite the Fact It's a Certified Death Trap

Lake Lanier is a great place to visit in North Georgia if you enjoy swimming, jet skiing, seeing ghosts of the deep and potentially drowning into an underwater city never to be seen again.

On this week's episode of Macrodosing, we discuss the history of the death trap lake and wonder why in the world anyone would still go there. Since 1994, more than 200 people have died or disappeared in Lake Lanier, yet it continues to be a popular destination. Those from Georgia with any sense, however, stay away.

There are countless stories from those who have been in the lake who report feeling some sort of force dragging them down into the water. Some believe this could be the Lady of the Lake, the ghost of Delia Parker Young. Her car veered off a bridge into Lake Lanier in the 1950s before her body was found floating on the surface 18 months later with no hands. Some people have reported seeing a ghost near the same bridge where the car crashed which has no hands.

Regardless of whatever you think of ghosts, there are way too many stories and examples of people drowning to not think there's something going on down there. Also, just the fact that the lake is just a flooded city with houses, trees, graveyards and all sorts of other stuff still down there should be enough to preclude you from going for a swim.

We get into all of it on today's show. If you are considering visiting Lanier anytime soon or if you just want to find out more about the Grim Reaper's North Georgia playground, check it out.