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After Years Of Dreaming, I Am FINALLY Getting A McDonald's Built Into My House Like Richie Rich

*Kinda, sorta (obviously) because there's no way anyone at Barstool not named Portnoy can actually afford a McDonald's in their house and even if I mortgaged my house 100 times then bit the bullet to live like Richie Rich, I would pretty much be firing that bullet into the back of my head because I would eat myself into a heart attack within a week

However as I discussed on this week's Podfathers, I am installing a new kitchen in my house and part of that new kitchen will be buying an oven that can air fry food. Not an air fryer oven but a big ol' regulation size oven that air fries a whole bunch of food.

If you have an air fryer, you know how incredible they cook all your food with hardly any oil. Even if you don't have an air fryer but instead have a friend or family member that has an air fryer, you know all this because everybody who has ever gotten an air fryer talks about it being a life changing experience whenever they aren't stuffing their face with air fried food. So while I may not be getting authentic Mickey D's fries and delicious pink slime nuggets, I am getting the ability to make all that as well as frying pretty much anything else my heart desires (which may not be the right phrase to use here because I think my heart desires veggies and fruits after all the actual McDonald's I've eaten).

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