Chris Bosh Explains What Went Through His Mind When the Air Conditioning Broke During the 2014 Heat vs. Spurs NBA Finals Game

On today's Pardon My Take... CHRIS BOSH! The two-time NBA Champion once again joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss his new book, LeBron in the postseason, his historically bad game against the Bulls, and much more. The guys also got into it on Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals. What was so memorable about that game? That's when the air conditioning went out at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. What was Chris Bosh's perspective in that 110-95 Spurs win? The Georgia Tech product explains:

Mr. Commenter: I'm just curious about the time they turned the air conditioning off at their place. How hot was it in that stadium? 

Chris Bosh: So, it was excruciatingly hot, ok, and this is how I remembered it. We were playing, you know, and I was warming up, and I'm pouring sweating, and I'm just like, man, I must be ready. Wow! Man, I'm in the zone today. We play the first half, and you know, it's a lot going on. The Finals is super intense. We go in at halftime, I'm really not even aware of it. Spo [Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra], during the speech, he said, you know, we're going over everything in halftime. He said, "Hey, don't worry about how hot it is, let's go out there and play ball." 

Chris Bosh: I was like, "What does he mean by that?" I went back into the gym and was like, "Oh! Oh my God." We start playing, and it was miserable, it was mis-er-a-ble. Like, I mean, we were in the timeouts, I wanted to sit down, and that hurt. I sat like this, that hurt. I mean, everything hurt We're looking down at the Spurs bench, they've got ice packs and fans and, you know, people massaging their legs and stuff like that. You know, we don't have any of that stuff. And we're just like, you ever been so hot that wherever you move, it just moves with you? 

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Yeah. 

Chris Bosh: Ugh, ugh. And add a headache on that, it was terrible. It was terrible.

This just can't happen. Not only is it an NBA game, but it's the darn NBA FINALS! You can't have these logistical issues in the arena. I understand that emergencies happen, but this was just awful timing for all parties involved. Oh well. Bosh and the Heat still managed to secure a pair of NBA Titles during that Big Three era from 2011-2014.