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20 Year Old Raya User Kicked off the App After Matching With and "Exposing" Matthew Perry

Last week, Ben Affleck was trending after a girl on Tik Tok posted a video that he messaged her on Instagram after she unmatched him on Raya.

This video goes viral...and then 20 year old, Kate Haralson, posted her own celebrity interaction on Tik Tok. When she was 19 she matched with Matthew Perry on Raya. They matched, proceeded to Facetime each other, and played 20 questions. The video is extremelllyyyy uncomfortable.

Now Kate claims she did this to expose Hollywood men who are preying on young women. Both parties seem to be wrong here. Matthew Perry…just comes off desperate. He made a joke about being as old as her dad…no thank you. Kate definitely just saw the Ben Affleck video go viral and thought this was also her chance to go viral. She clearly had her settings set to show her men that are Matthew Perry's age, which she said was because she was just "joking around." Kate looks like an asshole. Matthew Perry looks desperate. Lose lose all around.

Kate has been kicked off the app (obviously) but it is not a good look for Raya that these celebrity guys are getting outed on the app. They want these types of big names using their platform but these kinds of stories will scare a lot of actual celebrities from using the app.

Chrissy sums it up perfectly:

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