Shayne Corson Once Cashed His Canadiens Check At Montreal's Top Strip Club

As the clip above illustrates, Shayne Corson has stories for days. We interviewed the NHL legend for Ep. 327 of Spittin' Chiclets and it was a blast. The guy played for 19 NHL seasons, fought the toughest customers, and was a beloved teammate.

But Corson cashing his work check from the storied Montreal Canadiens franchise at Chez Parée is just an all-timer. Here he is, a #8 overall pick and future of the franchise using the main stage as his own personal ATM. Hilarious. Given the organization's wild success in the hedonistic '70s, I'm guessing Corson wasn't the first Hab to sign over his check to a local strip joint. The team was probably fine with it just because its name is French.

That was just the tip of iceberg with Shayne. The interview runs the gamut and covers as much of his career as we could cram into an-hour-and-a-half. This is a Top 10 Spittin' Chiclets interview.

Plus, Whit, Biz, G, and I have nuanced discussion about wildlife and elephants, the NHL, and whatever else comes up in the packed ep. Enjoy.