Addison Rae Is an Absolute Superstar and There Is No Denying It

So you have probably heard by now that Addison Rae put out a song and music video called Obsessed. Here it is if you missed it....

I'm pretty sure everyone's initial reaction was what the fuck is this? But as I continued to hear the song over and over again... it is pretty catchy! If anyone else was singing this song like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, or Selena Gomez people would be like "OMG LOVE THIS SONG!!! SONG OF THE SUMMER!" but because she's a tik tokker she automatically gets written off. For everyone writing Addison Rae off, I'll tell you to watch her performance on Jimmy Fallon. She is an absolute superstar. Can she sing? I have no fucking idea. Is she an A+ performer? Absolutely. She has the IT factor. She has the stage presence. She can dance her ass off and perform better than anyone out there even if she is lip syncing. Here's the performance...

FUCKING MAGICAL! Now you might say "well she can't even sing, she's lip syncing!" and yes even though that may be true, not everyone can dance and perform the way she did. Also if Blenny Blanco comes to you with a song he produced and says hey you're gonna be a popstar, then you become a fucking popstar. That's the way it goes. So I don't blame Addison at all for following her dreams of becoming a popstar even if she isn't the best singer in the world.

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