Everyone’s New Favorite Caddy On The PGA Tour Rips Cigs And Does Hot Dog Reviews

Alright on today’s episode of Fore Play we have the 28th ranked golfer in the world, Abraham Ancer. Abe may not know it, but he played a very important role in Fore Play’s history. While we were over in Australia for the Presidents Cup in 2019, Frankie Borrelli crafted a relatively harmless tweet involving Tiger Woods and Abe Ancer.

It was that exact tweet that launched us into an all-out war against Old Man Media and the rest, as they say, is history. That tweet led to John ‘Ol Huggsy’ Huggan getting chased off Twitter, the phrase “put him in a home” was created and it led to our eventual interview with Old Man Media Member himself, Geoff Shackelford. The entire ordeal took the pod to a completely different level and Abraham Ancer was essentially the catalyst.

Another topic we talked about with Abe was his caddy and living legend, Dale. If you remember, Dale is the guy who was photographed ripping a cig during one of their rounds at the Masters a few years back. Turns out Dale also does One Bite-inspired hot dog reviews and overall eats like a trash can which fits perfectly with members of the Fore Play podcast (specifically me). 

Before our interview with Abraham Ancer, we talk about past feuds in Barstool Sports history, Bryson DeChambeau saying he feels like he’s living in Narnia (whatever the fuck that means), a Barstool Classic update and we discuss what we think is the greatest most recent invention.