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Where Do You Rank The Delivery Guy From Big Daddy On Your List Of Adam Sandler Side Characters?

We had an Adam Sandler draft this week and it was probably the most fun I've had at Barstool. I say probably because that's the greatest certainty I can stamp on blurred memories, otherwise it's my clear cut #1. That's how good and wholesome our draft with PFT was. Listen at your own risk of overdosing on nostalgia. 

My favorite category was by far Side Characters because they're the true stars of any Sandler classic. I won't name a bunch for sake of spoiling yesterday's picks but I will absolutely tell you that I love the delivery guy from Big Daddy so much. He's such a perfect balance of underrated and hilarious that I'm forced to revisit my Laughter Efficiency Rating that I introduced on Lights Camera Barstool's review of S.W.A.T. 

It's here that I present a theory for a measurement that would quantify an actor's ability to generate laughs per screen time/speaking lines. I'm not exactly sure on how we calculate it yet, but the general premise stemmed from an observation that actor Michael Pena holds the highest Laughter Efficiency Rating for me. Idk what it is about that guy, but he slays me every single time on screen (in a comedic role). Literally might be my pound-for-pound funniest actor based on this undefined metric about how often/easily an actor makes you laugh. 

Laugher Efficiency Rating (LER) 

The best thing about LER is that it's entirely up to you. Nobody can influence your LER but you because laughing is such a personal experience. You can't peer pressure me into a genuine laugh. Only one person holds that power and it's me. Same goes for all of you. 

That said, my highest LER score for Adam Sandler side characters is BY FAR the delivery guy from Big Daddy. Some would argue it's not even close but that would be disrespectful to other great side characters. So let's not do that. 

Instead, let's reflect on some of the great moments from the best delivery guy of all time. So dedicated to customer service that he remembers how many pieces of cheesecake you order. The kind of guy that will babysit your kid at a moment's notice or just hang with the boys for a poker night, all while remembering an extra side of gravy for your wife. Hard to beat that kind of dedication and even harder to out-act Rob Schneider in the role of Nazo.

And that Academy Award for best Adam Sandler Side Character goes to…

Maybe not as prominent as other side characters, but like I said the LER is off the charts. NASA told me they'd look into when they get back from Mars. 

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