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The Chicago Bears Are In 1st Place

After all the bullshit and I mean ALL OF THE BULLSHIT who would have thought the Bears would be standing on top of the division 6 weeks into the season? Obviously not a lot of Bears fans so let's keep it moving and start hanging some positive vibes around this city. We got 7 days before a Rams Monday Night game crossover with a JP Graziano special sandwich promo with Monteverde's meatballs. If that doesn't get your juices flowing then there's a good chance you're dead. Here's this week's postgame podcast to recap and start getting you ready. Some notes:

- The defense is as good as it needs to be to win the division. The front 4 will eat your lunch all day. Chuck Pagano is dialing up some great stunts that let the Bears get pressure without sending the house. The biggest question mark is Trevathan right now and historically speaking that's a-okay. If you're jacked up about the D, stay there. 

- The Panthers are a good football team and Teddy Bridgewater is a good quarterback. That's two weeks in a row beating good NFC south competition coming off that awful Colts loss. Nagy may be brutal in 2-minute play calling with a lead but you can't deny his ability to get the boys to bounce back. 

- The national respect around the Bears has gone up 10-fold in the last 24-hours and that's really before the Packers got curb stomped by the Bucs. Now that we've slept on it, there's actually more and more reason to feel extremely confident moving forward. Rams coming to Chicago after a bad loss. Packers going on the road after a bad loss. We could be kicking off Monday with another half-game edge on the Packers if you think Deshaun's Texans are more likely to be 2-5 than 1-6. 

- Santos hit from 55 which is great until I'm sitting around waiting for him to hit from 49 and he kills me. As Eddie put it, the Cody Parkey scars run so deep that we can't even enjoy a solid week 6 kicking performance. For what it's worth, Parkey missed 4 kicks in week 6 of 2018. Santos went 3-3 in week 6 of 2020. Maybe that means something? Work with me guys. 

- Did you get a chance to see Nick Foles press conference? Talk about leadership. This motherfucker WANTS IT

- Cole Kmet gets on the board with his first career touchdown on an absolutely beautiful strike from Nick Foles on 3rd and goal from the 9. 

- And a bunch of other good shit we cover on the podcast that you guys should totally listen to