A Special Edition Of From The Top Rope w/ THE UNDERTAKER


As I'm sure you might've seen already, a bunch of us at Barstool were lucky enough to have "The Phenom" The Undertaker come thru the ol' "car wash" yesterday, and that included a half hour with Jared Carrabis and I for a special 'From The Top Rope' edition of My Mom's Basement! 

This was an interview we literally NEVER thought would happen, just because, ya know - The Undertaker didn't really do any interviews for the past thirty or so years, and I just turned 22 - so it wasn't even really in our thoughts as a pipe dream, or "white whale" get. When Carrabis and I would make our interview request lists, Taker never even appear for either us....cause DUH, that'd just never happen....and then he just kinda fell into our laps! 

I think the interview itself is pretty awesome as well - just hearing "The Deadman" as his normal down-to-earth self is interesting in and of itself to me! Check it out!

The Undertaker was on our shows promoting WWE Battlegrounds, which is out now!