We Gotta Believe #59: Mr. Brightside

Tropical storms and no electricity are a walk in the park compared to rooting for this team. After several attempts, the pod is live! KFC is finally looking on the bright side and opening himself up to hurt again. Since the season is fraudulent any and uncle Stevie is coming, we’re just trying to have a good time and watch some baseball. The team crammed a bracket’s worth of Mets misery into the first 2 weeks and put us in a blender, but now we’re looking at this season with clear eyes and a readiness to relapse. Gimme Jimmy Gimenez has been a revelation thus far and at 21-years-young, he is making a great case to play everyday. In fact, his smooth fielding and capable bat are even giving us flashes of Reyes. 

Speaking of Jose, Jose, Jose, we discuss his retirement, his impact on the Mets and how his off-the-field actions soured his image with the fanbase. We also pay homage to OG MetsBlog, do a deep dive into Point 72 (Stevie’s firm) turning away new business and declare once and for all that ARod needs to get out of the bidding war and CONCEDE TO COHEN. So far we’ve had blown saves and players injured, missing and possibly murdered, but it can't get much worse right? We gotta believe the Mets will start trending in the right direction, but if this team has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected.