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The Tragic Marine Corps AAV Accident

The Marine Corps recently lost an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) off the coast of California and those that were not immediately rescued are presumed dead after calling off the search and rescue efforts.

They released the names of the Marines and Sailor that were lost in the accident. The oldest one was just 23 years old. We often forget just how young the men and women entrusted to defend this nation are. At this point, we just hope they're able to recover the bodies to bring some peace to their families and friends. 

Semper Fi, Marines and Sailor. Fair winds and following seas.


Round 1: The Space Force is Semper Supra goofin to infinity and beyond and because of one airman who doesn’t sound like a big ole nerd boy at all. He’s a laser tag referee and a possible future boyfriend for Kate because he’s also a magician! Do you guys know what a Marine Magician says? 

Round 2: The Navy SEAL Museum is in hot water and it’s not because someone wrote an unauthorized book this time. Somehow, some dummies thought dressing a decoy like Colin Kapernick was a good idea. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. 

Round 3: Would you become a penis garden if asked by your country? It’s worth exploring. 

Round 4: There was a tragic incident involving a Marine AAV and we’ll give you some of the details about that. 

Round 5: Coronavirus has turned normal events into bizarre experiences. I experienced one this weekend.